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We specialize in flat roofing and we are certified with Roofing Products International to install rubber roofing membrane. Rubber roofing membrane holds up well under sun, rain, hail, snow and ice conditions. Your rubber roof requires little roof maintenance. This rubber roofing membrance carries a 30 year limited manufactures warranty.

Roofing Products International: http://roofingproductsint.com/


P V C roofing membrane comes in white, gray or tan colors. These colors allow for thermal resistance  and reflectivity giving the building owner energy cost savings. P V C roofing membranes require little maintanence over the life of the roof. P V C roofing membranes warranties range from 10 - 30 years depending on the membrane thickness and installation method.


Modified bitumen is a plastic combined with asphalt and applied with a torch. The asphalt blended coating is good at dealing with temperature fluctuation and normal roof-top expansion and contraction.

Built up roofing is your tar and gravel roof.

Tapered insulation systems are used to reduce or remove ponding/standing water on the membrane when the roof does not have a slope. Removing or limiting the time water stands on the roof membrane helps to expand the life of the roof.